SERA Committee Meeting Highlights - October 12, 2016

On October 12, 2016 the SERA Committee held its final meeting of 2016. Highlights from the meeting include:

  1. Review of the SERA Terms of Reference: The SERA Committee reviewed the existing Terms of Reference and determined that no changes are required at this time.
  2. Confirmation of Violations: The SERA Committee was presented with a Decision Item recommending the confirmation of five Alleged Violations. The entity responsible for the Alleged Violations advised that they accept responsibility for these violations and will work with MRO to mitigate them. SERA confirmed the Alleged Violations.
  3. Update on CIP Implementation: A discussion was held regarding the current status of implementation for CIP standards in Saskatchewan.
  4. Update on implementation of Entity Registration Program and Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program for SERA: An update was provided to the SERA Committee on the current status of the process for evaluating and registering entities in the province of Saskatchewan.
  5. Update on Current Non-conformance: The SERA Committee was provided with an update on the current status of non-conformance in the province of Saskatchewan (Self-Reports, Self-Certifications, Audit Findings, etc.).
  6. Future Meeting Dates: The SERA Committee reviewed and approved the future meeting dates. The next SERA Committee meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2017.
  7. MRO Presentation: Sara Patrick from MRO gave a presentation to the SERA Committee on the implementation of Reliability Assurance Initiative ("RAI") and results seen from this initiative.
Andy Crooks