The Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program is applicable to all Registered Entities in Saskatchewan. SERA has delegated authority to Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) to conduct compliance monitoring of Registered Entities on its behalf.

MRO will monitor Registered Entities' compliance with SERA Adopted Standards using the processes described in Appendix 2: Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program of the Rules of Procedure. MRO notifies SERA of any alleged violation of a standard, and SERA makes a final determination on whether the violation is confirmed, treated as a Compliance Exception, or dismissed.

All Registered Entities found in violation of a SERA Adopted Standard will be required to mitigate the violation regardless of any enforcement actions taken. Once all mitigating activities have been verified complete, SERA posts generic information about non-CIP non-compliances.

>Download: Confirmed Violations and Compliance Exceptions